Lost Mines of Phandelver

One Night In Phandalin (And The World's Your Oyster)

The party encountered no more trouble on the Triboar Trail. The caravan pulled into Phandalin in the early evening. Sildar mentions Phandalin is home to two inns, He added that he needed a good meal and a soft bed to cure his weariness from travel, so suggested the Stonehill Inn. The party swiftly disregards his recommendation, and follows their nose directly into trouble.

As the party approached the disheveled taproom, four ruffians lounging on the front stoop start trouble. Amadeus and Velox attempt to talk the Redbrands down, and Clarence took the Thaumaturgic intimidation route. This worked for a brief moment as the ruffians stepped aside to allow the party into the Sleeping Giant. But as the party was walking past them, one of them took a cheap shot to the back of Clarence’s head. Skirmish ensued. Once inside, the party got the cheap ale they came for, ruffians notwithstanding.

The party then handles their business with Lionshield and Barthen, and head to the Stonehill for the evening. The inn is pretty busy with townfolk as the day winds down outside. The party takes rooms and a meal, and picks up on a great deal of hearsay from the villagers around them.

In the morning, they go to the Townmaster’s Hall where Wester and Hallwinter and discussing something. The party finds favor in the Townmaster as they agree to take care of the orc raids, and get some information from him about the Redbrands as well. Clarence, being a cleric of Tymora, wants to talk to Sister Garaelle and her recent troubles. She explains her mission to them, and the party agrees to take the comb and talk to the Agatha the banshee on her behalf.

The refreshed party decides to head east. They will seek out the orcs, and retrieve the information for Garaelle in one trip.


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