Lost Mines of Phandelver

Taking Care of Business

The party departs Phandalin at first light. Despite all reports otherwise, Triboar Trail is quiet. They find a secure place to camp, and the night passes uneventfully. They locate the foot trail towards Wyvern Tor, and discover a lone orc guarding the entrance to the cave. Velox summons her raven to fly into the cave to assess what lies in wait – an ogre and a few more orcs. Clarence teaches Amadeus the word ‘gold’ in orcish as he prepares his disguise. The guard takes the bait and is quickly dispatched. The party positions themselves strategically ready to quell the orc threat. The ogre managed to get a few massive hits in before the party takes them down.

Once they reach the abandoned village of Conyberry, they locate the banshee’s lair. They approach respectfully, and trade the mirror to use their one question for Garraelle as they promised.

After another quiet trip back to Phalandin, they share the location of the Wizard’s spell book to Garraelle, then go talk to the Alderleaf family out at the farm. Little Carp tells his story about how he was playing in the woods near Tresandar Manor, and some Redbrands emerged from a small cave. They very nearly saw him, but he got away. Carp’s mother, Quelling, trusts the party, and mentions the druid out at Thundertree Ruins. He knows a great deal about this area, and could help the party with their quest.

Carp offers to take the party to the same place in the woods he was almost caught. After a few minutes in the woods, he points to a well-hidden hole amongst a number of rocks.

The party is about to face the Redbrands once and for all.


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