Lost Mines of Phandelver

The Clearing of Cragmaw Cave

The party agrees the hideout must be emptied, not to put an end to the goblin raids, but for material gain. Amadeus disguises himself as a goblin and convinces the sentry to run back to the den for assistance. The goblin is cornered in the tunnel, and taken out quietly.

Jade scouts ahead in the twin pools cave to find three goblins not paying much attention, so the party sneaks up to attack them by surprise. These particular greenskins gave the party a notably difficult time as the adventurers’ spells, arrows, and swings often missed their mark. One of the goblins was taken down at the foot of the steps to the next room, which alerted Klarg and his closest allies.

The party sees nothing but a burning fire and supplies from Lionshield Coster, another trading post in Phandalin. As Jade checks out the scene, Klarg emerges from some barrels, and knocks Jade unconcious with his morning star. Clarence steps up to stabilize Jade, but is quickly knocked out himself. Velox puts the fear of Azuth into the hearts of two goblins and joins Amadeus with the focused attack on the bugbear. Sildar delivers the final blows, and the party secures the plunder.

After resting for some time, the party decides to return some of the stolen goods. They determine the best way to get the barrels out of the cave to ride them out. They throw the barrels into the frontward pool, mount the barrels, break the levees, and ride the wave out to the forest. They deftly maneuvered past the bridge and other obstacles to safety. Once reunited with their original caravan, they continue east towards Phandalin.


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