Lost Mines of Phandelver

The End of the Redbrands

The pummeled Redbrand leader lies motionless on the floor as the party determines what to do next. Motivated by wealth and acclaim, they decide to clear out the rest of the manor basement. They investigate a storeroom that has been reclaimed as a barracks, and find only a few red cloaks beneath one of the beds. Then Oliver smashes open the door to the north which leads into an empty hallway. At the far end awaits an old copper door covered with a relief of angels, and almost completely covered in green patina. Clarence confidently strides down the hall, and a section of the floor buckles beneath his weight. He is taken by surprise, and almost finds a familiar comfort in the pit below.

After Velox determines the door is not magical, and Jade finds no traps, they proceed into the Tresandar crypts. Three sarcophagi lie at the far end large room, other bones are strewn about at their bases. Velox notes the presence of dark magic here. Amadeus and Oliver return to the cistern room to question Iarno about the crypt. He tells them about the members of the Tresandar family that rest inside the tombs, and how they come to life if anyone ventures to the northern end of the room.

The party decides to get the beds from from the barracks, and place them on the lids of two of the tombs. The party positions themselves as Clarence ventures to the far end of the room, and a skeleton stands before him as expected. The moment they dispatch the skeleton, another one manages to remove the lid and the bed. The adventurers quickly reduces the skeleton to a pile of ash. The third skeleton is unable to free himself from his confines, and the party puts the other bed on top of the first one, making it impossible for the lid to be removed.

The northern door is locked, but Oliver remedies that with brute force. They discover an armory containing an assortment of mundane weapons. The party takes what they can, and returns to the crypt to try the eastern door. As Oliver rushes into the slave pens, he notices two brigands hiding in the shadows, but not before one of them slashes Oliver with a shortsword. Amadeus, Velox and Jade fire into the room as Clarence and Oliver deliver blows in close range.

The moment the skirmish ends, cries for help come from the cells. The party acquires the keys from the still-bleeding brigand guards and frees the woman and children. The Dendrar family is ever grateful for being discovered, and Mirna can only offer a family heirloom that was abandoned in Thundertree years ago when their family was escaping an undead invasion.

The party helps the family back to town, and heads directly towards Townmaster’s Hall. Slidar, severely disappointed in Iarno, promises to bring him to Neverwinter to pay for his crimes. Amadeus accepts the rank of Cloak of the Lord’s Alliance. The party decides to go to the miner’s exchange to talk to Halia. She takes the letter from Black Spider, and gives the party their due.


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