Lost Mines of Phandelver

The Infiltration of Tresandar Mandor

And.. err.. other details

The party took a gander at the small opening Carp lead them to. After returning him to Qelline at the farm, and asking her for one of her carrots, they meander back to the secret entrance. Velox, the ethereal animal commander, summons a rat to investigate the tunnel. After 100 feet, it opens up to a large dark room with stone pillars and two bridges over a deep crevasse that splits the room in two. She senses some magic in the room, but the rat has reached the maximum range, and must return to report back to the bystanders. The party decides to enter.

As Jade leads into the darkness, Amadeus decides to hand her the carrot after casting it in light. Jade continues, but receives some telepathic slander from an unknown source. Clarence, fearless of the deep crevasse, hops onto the weakened bridge that spanned her, and falls into piles of bones, a half-eaten corpse, and a bunch of dander. He notices an old chest down the crevasse, and makes a mad dash that couldn’t be grander.

This caused something large to scurry in the darkness above, ahead of the rest of the party. Jade quickly attaches the glowing carrot to an arrow and lets it fly yander. The carrot arrow flies over the shoulders of an old nothic before it finds a space on the far wall, wedged as a makeshift sconce. The aberration freezes in it’s footsteps. Velox, having studied the rare language of undercommon, negotiates free passage for the party in exchange for a bag of fresh meat. The nothic agrees with the Tiefling demander. It slinks away into the crevasse with his meal, while Amadeus throws Clarence a rope.

As the party decides what to do next, Clarence notices some light peeking out from a nearby door. Velox puts her ear to the door, and hears a rowdy game of dice being played, void of any candor. Jade and Amadeus investigate down the hall, and discover another door that may lead into the same room. Amadeus makes himself appear more Redbrand-er, and tries to pander the drunken ruffians as “Todd the new guy”, as he is talked into taking a swig of their homemade hooch. Amadeus, the seasoned brewmaster didn’t like it at all, but he’s tasted blander. One of the thugs (a philandering lowlander named Alexander van der Kander), turns to take a leak into the crevasse, heading for the door that stands between he and the rest of the party.

Jade sees this from the other door, and quickly whips her dragon dreadlocks to create a concentrated fog sphere with a magical expander in the middle of the room, blinding everyone within. Amadeus is also shrouded in Jade’s cloudy disbander, but rather than reprimand her, he takes a blind crossbow shot. Velox summons flame to her fingertips and places a burning hander brander into the full-bladdered thug forever searing his flesh. Clarence and Jade gerrymander the room with a thunder wave, and a lightning breath respectively. The fog clears. In his attempt to flee the room, the shortest thug runs right into Jade. His sword misses so badly, that he does a lander right in the hallway. Jade dispatches him with a handaxe to the forehead, Amadeus slings some magic missiles, and Velox and Clarence: standers in the doorway, take out the other two.


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