Lost Mines of Phandelver

The Story Begins

After resting at the Moonstone Mask Inn in Neverwinter for some time, the party is approached by Dwarven merchant Gundren Rockseeker. Gundren seems pretty secretive, but Amadues knows Gundren from a few craft brew distribution deals in the past, so they decide to continue the conversation outside behind the inn.

After agreeing on the details, the party sets out at dawn. Gundren and his escort Sildar Hallwinter had left the city some time during the night to take care of some business in Phalandin. After a day marching south, they turn east on the Triboar trail. Later that afternoon, Jade spots two dead horses in the middle of the trail, and cautiously flanks the scene while Velox summons a raven to safely inspect the horses from above.

An arrow flies from the trees along the road, and the party is ambushed just as the horse’s riders were. After an intense skirmish, Clarence uses a booming voice and trembling earth to capture the last attacker who leads the party to Cragmaw Hideout – pointing out the traps that lay in wait along the way. At mouth of the cave, Jade spies a couple goblins poorly holding their post. Amadeus convinces their captive goblin that the party is a group of cave inspectors sent by Cragmaw King Grol himself to ensure the safety of Klarg and his crew.

The party moved quickly past the pack of guard dogs, but they were not unnoticed by the beasts. Their chains weakened as the dogs tried to lunge at Jade. The party finds a beaten human guarded by goblins, and makes quick work of the prisoner’s captors.

Sildar Hallwinter joins the party after talking to them about what happened to them on the way to Phandalin.


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