Lost Mines of Phandelver

Wild Human Appeared!

Glasstaff's Great Escape

As the barrel fire dies down to embers, the party hears footsteps approaching outside the southern door. Amadeus snuffs the lights as everyone takes defensive positions in the darkness. The figure cautiously approaches the open doorway – a moment ago there was a skirmish; now only silence, darkness, and the smell of burnt grain. Clarence attempts to tackle the interloper, but he doesn’t budge. The mercenary Oliver responds by grabbing the half-orc and tossing him into the middle of the room. Discussion is tense, and nearly erupts into a brawl. Amadeus relights the candles, and the contention is removed. The party realizes that Oliver is not wearing the usual Redbrand garb, and Oliver now notices four dead thugs on the floor. Everyone agrees to continue to clear out Glasstaff and the Rebrands once and for all.

Oliver bursts into the alchemy lab, and a small brown rat scurries under the workbench. Oliver pockets a dwarven journal mentioning the Phandelver Pact and Wave Echo Cave. Velox recognizes the lab is being used to distill an invisibility potion, and blindly drinks the work in progress. It does render her invisible, but because it hasn’t yet reached it’s full potency, she knows it will only last a minute or so. The rat peeks out from beneath the table, and the party hears shuffling and closing chests in the next room. The now ethereal wizard sneaks into the private quarters only to notice someone had just escaped through a secret door. Velox gives chase.

Meanwhile, Amadeus is going through Albrek’s personal affects, and finds a letter from the Black Spider. Iarno leads the party to the east side of the crevasse. Amadeus lights up a rock near the north bridge and hands it to Oliver to help see in the dark. Oliver flings the glowing stone towards their prey. As it hurls southward, the party sees the tail of Iarno’s cloak disappear around a corner. The party dashes toward the hallway, and as they turn the corner, a secret door closes shut. They quickly locate the activation lever, and enter the main cellar room only to catch the mage using his staff to fish something out of a cistern.

Oliver charges into Iarno knocking him down to the floor as he loses grasp of his staff. He then strikes Iarno with the magically lit rock, and pins the wizard’s chest beneath his boot. Iarno cries out, and three brigands emerge from an adjacent room to aid him. Swords begin to clash, arrows fly, and evocations crackle as a fury of might and magic ensues. In a final effort to escape his captors, Iarno paralyzes Oliver, teleports across the room, and fires off some magic missiles. But it is too late. The party has already dispatched his henchmen. Jade commands her adorable pseudodragon to attack the Rebrand leader. He is subdued and restrained.

Oliver dives into the cistern to recover whatever it was Iarno was looking for: some emergency supplies. Velox barely manages to contain her grin as she picks up Iarno’s glass staff.


I feel that someone should have thrown an ale barrel at me like a pokeball…. :-)

Wild Human Appeared!
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