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  • Gundren Rockseeker
  • Sildar Hallwinter
  • Tharden & Nundro Rockseeker: Gundren’s brothers involved in searching for Wave Echo Cave.
  • Iarno Albrek: Human Wizard in Philandin who Sildar is looking for. Identified as Glasstaff: leader of the Redbrand Ruffians.
  • Klarg: Bugbear managing the goblin crew in Cragmaw Hideout.
  • Yeemik: Goblin 2nd in command in Cragmaw Hideout.
  • King Grol: Leader of the Cragmaw tribe. Lives in Cragmaw Castle.
  • The Black Spider: ?? Gave orders to the goblins to deliver Gundren.
  • Halia Thornton: Guildmaster who runs the Phandalin Miner’s Exchange.
  • Qelline Alderleaf: Runs Alderleaf Farm in Phandalin with her son Carp.
  • Sister Garaele: Scholarly acolyte in the Shrine of Luck.
  • Harbin Wester: Current Townmaster of Phandalin.
  • Daren Edermath: Retired adventurer who now runs an orchard in Phandalin.
  • Elmar Barthen: Owns and operates Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin.
  • Toblin Stonehill: Runs Stonehill Inn with his wife Trilena and son Pip.
  • Agatha: Banshee who is sought after as an oracle of sorts.


  • Cragmaw Hideout: A hidden cave near the intersection of The High Road and Triboar Trail.
  • Philandin: A frontier settlement off Triboar Trail; built upon the ruins of a much older town.
  • Wyvern Tor: Prominent landmark east of Phandalin. This outcrop is named for the former nest of dangerous wyverns that lived there.
  • Conyberry: An old town that lies in ruins east of Phandalin. Somewhere near there is the lair of Agatha the banshee.
  • Tresandar Manor: Large abandoned house on the east side of Phandalin. Rumored to be the base for the Redbrands.


  • Sister Garaele recently left town and returned injured and exhausted.
  • Daran Edermath used to be an adventurer (like yourselves but took an arr-)
  • Orcs have been raiding eastern Triboar Trail, and the Townmaster is looking for someone to run them off.
  • Thel Dendrar was killed standing up against the Redbrands. They took his body, and later kidnapped his wife and two children.
  • Carp Alderleaf found a secret tunnel in the woods, and the Redbrands almost caught him.
  • The Redbrands hassle every business except for the Miner’s Exchange.


  • +1 Longsword: Found in the chest at the far end of the crevasse in the Redbrand Hideout.
  • Staff of Defense: Recovered from Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek.
  • Letter from Black Spider: Found in Albrek’s private quarters.

Main Page

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