Lost Mines of Phandelver

Cleanup on Aisle 4

After a restful night at the inn, the party decides to discuss the terms for Oliver’s involvment. As the party head to the Townmaster’s Hall to get a document drawn and notarized, Halia approaches Oliver, and offers a place amongst the rank of the Zhentarim. Fang Oliver catches up to the party to complete the paper work.

The party, faced with traveling northeast to the ruins of Thundertree, stop by the stables to acquire some fine horses and tack. They also purchase a cart, and return to Tresandar Manor to retrieve whatever loot they can find.

Down one of the hallways, they encounter a door that they missed during their first trip there. Clarence opens the door and steps in to the barracks to the sight of four bugbears torturing a little goblin. As fighting erupts, the gobln scurries beneath a bunk at the far end of the room. The party dispatches the bugbears, and coaxes Droop the Goblin out from beneath the old bed.

The party “hires” the goblin as a squire. Droop tests his boundaries, and asks if he will be given weapons to fight beside his new friends. Oliver is wary of this proposition, and challenges Droop to a duel in the woods outside the manor. The deft little goblin manages to get some cover and get a hit in before the duel is called. Droop is officially renamed Speedy.

The party sells the remaining loot, and decides to stop in Neverwinter to seek assistance with the undead in Thundertree Ruins.


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