Lost Mines of Phandelver

Neverwinter Pit Stop

The party leaves Phandalin at first light. Around midday, their journey was interrupted by an owlbear rampaging from the woods. Later that night, the party sets up camp. During 3rd watch, Amadeus succumbs to the rigor of travel, allowing a small band of bugbears to approach them. Caught unaware, the party suffers through the moonlit skirmish. Speedy the Goblin has an accident in his pants during his first fight, but lives to tell the tale. The rest of the trip to Neverwinter was peaceful.

Once inside Jewel of the North, the party seeks shelter for the evening. They notice the strange looks from townsfolk towards their little goblin squire, and head to a quiet little inn near the Chasm. After breakfast, the party decides to split up to find information about Thundertree, and muster up some assistance. Each adventurer seeks out fellow members of their organization for some insight. After talking to the Zhentarim, Oliver heads to the docks to inquire about purchasing a war elephant delivered from the south. He and the ship merchant agree on a price and date.

Once reunited, the party shares their findings.

  • Thundertree is definitely infested with undead.
  • The flora has also become ‘lively’ there.
  • They could get some cheap scrolls from a shady Red Wizard in the River District, or go a more legal route with a cleric somewhere in Protector’s Enclave.
  • A few people are familiar with the druid that regularly goes to Thundertree. He normally spends a fortnight there, and returns to Neverwinter for supplies. He hasn’t been seen in Neverwinter for nearly a tenday, so they believe he is there now.
  • Since Thundertree has been overrun, the Harpers have no interest there. However, there are whispers around town that someone has turned an eye to the ruins. If Clarence is going anyway, they’d like to learn if anything else is going on there.

The party decides to go the legal route, and seek out the cleric Brant Heartstone. The party manages to talk him into joining them. They return to the inn, and prepare for the day’s ride east toward Thundertree Ruins.


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